Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Peek into Daily Calendar Counting

Here's a peek into my daily calendar time.  My children use offices which are pages we combine to follow along with the calendar routine. This allows them to be more active followers during that time. We work on adding: the date, yesterday, today, and tomorrow, the digital date, a weather graph, domino numbers, and a daily ten frame.  For the ten frame, the children use bingo chips to show the date on their ten frame, while the daily helper shows the class with my magnetic version.
                                     Magnetic Ten frame
          (Cookie sheet with dot magnets from Walmart with colored dot stickers on top)

After the children show the number of the day (date), I then have them show me and say aloud what one more looks like and one less.
       We then show how many days we've been in school on the adding machine tape with 10 different colored post it notes.  Each day is a different color which adds up to make a great walled number line.  I also add little icons made with the Cricut to the number line that goes around the room every 5th day (high five hand), every 10th day (pair of feet) , and every 25th day ( a star).  This coincides with our daily bank.  Every single day we add a penny to the bank and sing the penny song.  Every fifth day we add a nickel and sing the nickel song, a dime on 10th day and dime song, and a quarter every 25th day and the quarter song.  That way by the end of the year,  the students know their coins and values without a lot of extra effort.  We work on adding coins, sorting, etc. during math station time.
Number line with icons

Daily bank containers - The helper has to identify the daily coin needed and add it to the bank.



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