Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Welcome to Our Classrooms

Here are some before pics of my classroom.
Above and below are from the door to my classroom.  This was partly into my "renovations."  It always gets worse before it gets better-right? 

This is from the opposite side of the room.

These are pictures of some of the more finished areas of my classroom.
 The writing center I pinned from Mrs. Gilchrist's Class.
 This is our home living area.  I start to save my "trash" now to add some environmental print.  The kids get excited to see what "new" things are in here each week like cereal, soap boxes, and cookies.
 This is my area for small groups.  I also have lots of teacher resources on the bookshelves behind the table.  I think I will try to have our team meetings here.
 This is my classroom library.  The books are mostly sorted by theme.  I like to have lots of different genres and reading levels in each bucket.  The Rainbow Names activity is from Deanna Jump's Name unit.  I printed each letter of the name in color (ROYGBIV order).  I will take them down for the student's to "mosaic" them.
 This is my calendar area.  We use Every Day Calendar Counts.

This is the Market.  In September, it is just a market.  Each month I change it up a bit: pumpkin patch, Pizza Hut, bakery, travel agency, pet store, candy store, and flower shop.
Jess' Room:
Here are a few of the work in progress photos of my room.  I will have some updated ones in a couple days.  
This is the before, as you all know, lot's of work to be done! This is my initial set up of where I think I want my furniture and centers.

We are fortunate to have a beautiful built in bump out area that already has book shelves and this is where I naturally set up my library center...
   (I still need to get my cute picture labels on these bins!) The red bookcase is for all of our class made predictable chart books we work on throughout the year.
To the right of these bookshelves is a bulletin board.  I set this area up with a table and chairs with all the bells and whistles for a writing center.  Again, the writing center signs are from Mrs. Gilchrist's Class (see the link above). 
{In my next grouping of pictures, I will zoom out a bit on the camera, to show you all a bit of the surroundings.}
Again, those are just a few snapshots.  I will post some more by the weekend as I finish setting up my room, and get it ready for Open House.
Check out Teaching Blog Addict for more classroom photos!



Katelyn said...

I absolutely adore your classroom!!!
I just had a question.. I went and bought the writing center signs on TPT, but she didn't have the digraphs chart or the alphabet chart that you have. Would you mind letting me know where you got them?? I just love them!

teresa minton said...

What a cute classroom! So colorful! I love your idea for storing class made books. I'm going to have to look for something like that! Thanks for sharing.

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