Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Still More I Can Assessment Rings

Here are some alphabetic principle assessment rings!

I can identify uppercase letters.

I can identify lowercase letters.

I can name the letter sounds.


Saturday, July 28, 2012

More I Can Assessment Rings.

I made some more I can statements for the I Can Assessment Rings.

I can count to 100!

I can name the days of the week!

 I can name the months of the year!

I can count by 5s!

I can count by 10s!



Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Vista Print Order

Woohoo!  My Vista Print order came!  I spent $50 for all of these goodies (shipping was free!).

Here's the breakdown!

For Madison's Teacher:

View Larger

View Larger
mouse pad

View Larger

For Madison:

View Larger

For Me:

View Larger
an owl pen

View Larger

View Larger
Popcorn Word business cards

View Larger
I know my popcorn word stickers. (return address labels)

View Larger
Conference Cards (rack cards) with times on the back

View Larger
poster for our computer area

View Larger
small stickers

View Larger

View Larger

View Larger
bumper sticker for my sub bin

View Larger
magnet for the first day of school

View Larger
lawn sign to put my door

View Larger
new clip chart

And I got the order in less than a week and a half!

Do you use Vista Print for anything?

Anchor Charts

Well, the little one slept over her BFF and stayed most of the day to play, so I had fun drawing and coloring!  I started making some charts for the fall.

This is the predictable chart I will use the first week of school, so we can learn each other's names.

This is my favorite so far!  We'll use this predictable chart after our apple taste test.

Here's another predictable chart I will use probably the third week of school.  I couldn't do my sample sentence because I don't know what color shoes I will be wearing that day!

For our Community Helper Unit, I made two charts.  The first will be used to brainstorm a list of community helpers.  The second is for our predictable chart which will follow the pattern "A teacher helps us to learn."

Here is a tree map for our Bats unit. We'll fill this out together and then the students will give a sentence for our predictable chart. 

Once the predictable charts are finished (often taking two or three sheets of paper taped together), I add a border around the edge to unify the whole thing.  Once I have collected enough charts (one per child) and we are ready to retire them, I let students choose one to take home.  They love this!

Hopefully, I'll be back with more soon!


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I Can Assessment Rings

A while back I pinned this great idea from Kinderpond.  I love how visual it is for the kids, and what a great keepsake it will be for the end of the year.  They will feel so accomplished.

We have been brainstorming how to display them.  Right now, we are thinking of making foam board display to hang on the wall in the hallway.  Once we have it figured out, we will post.

We thought it would be great to have these all in one place.   So we started making our own based on our district report card and the common core standards.  You can find what we've made so far here.
I can name my colors.

 I can hold my pencil correctly.

I can use scissors correctly.

I can write my full name.

I can write my full name.

I can tie my shoes.

The grapics are from KPM Doodles and Digi Scrap Kits


Friday, July 13, 2012

Coloring Assessment

Together we made these Coloring Assessements for each month.  Our report card assesses coloring so we wanted to have specific data to show it.   We used kpm doodles digital stamps for our clip art.  She is our newest addiction!  We are planning on enlarging the rubric onto ledger sized paper and modeling how to color in front of the class.  It is inspired by Mrs. Wills.

We didn't show them all, but we made sheets for September to June.  We'll assemble ours by stapling the edges and then taping the binding to add a splash of color and reinforce the binding at the same time.  Once we are back to school, we'll try to show a finished product.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I'm Going Green!

I know other people probably send their newsletter home electronically, my daughter's kindergarten teacher even did, but I never got around to it.  Last year, we started hearing that our paper supply was going to be limited.  I still wanted to encourage the home school connection, but I didn't want to have to print it out every week.  Every parent signed up for the weekly newsletter using this form.

After the first week, I realized there were so many more benefits than just saving paper!  I was able to make the newsletter cutesy and in color!  I saved the newsletter as a PDF so anyone could open it, and just attached it to the email.  Also it was a great time saver- I didn't have to stand in the line at the copier on Friday morning, and I didn't have to put it in their folders either!  I tried to have the newsletter out on Thursday night, but if I didn't I could send it Friday night or Saturday morning, and it wasn't a big deal!


Monday, July 9, 2012

Woo Hoo, I went Back To School Shopping!

I think half the reason I became a teacher was so that I could continue to go Back To School shopping! I love shopping in general, but Back To School shopping is something special.  And I don't just do it for myself!  I also pack a backpack of school supplies for the Salvation Army.  I have a daughter beginning fourth grade in the fall, so I have to shop for her, of course.  Since I only have one child, I usually end up bringing her BFF and getting her school supplies too!  We make my daughter's teacher a Back To School gift with school supplies for her class.  So this is what I have so far, no super great deals yet, but it's a start.

paper $.25 after rebate 
(I just realized that I could have my rebate deposited into my PayPal account so it is almost like free when I buy my TPT products or my KPM Doodles clip art)
Crayola markers $2.00
Bic dry erase markers  $.50
Bic pens $.01
Staples glue $.01
2 pack scissors $1.00
Magnetic dry erase markers with erasers on cap $2.00
(My kinders loved these.  They work especially great on these i-phones.)
The binder rings were not on sale, but I needed them!


Birthday crowns $3.00
100th Day Owl Certificates $1.00
 Owl Incentive Charts $1.00
Own Name tags $1.00
Owl Note paper $2.00
The jumbo craft sticks were not a deal, but I wanted to get a project done before I headed back to school where my stash is.


Pink lunch box and water bottle for my Salvation Army Backpack $3.00 each
Everything else was a $1.00!  They were still unpacking stuff so of course, I will have to head back!

Let us know what deals you find!