Sunday, October 2, 2011

Apple Measurement Activity

I love doing this activity every month with different die cuts.  I put apples up on the door.  Each child take a turn to measure himself.  Last year I took a photo and below it the children wrote ______ is __ apples tall.  We made a class book.  This year we put it in our math journals.  First, we measured my daughter's height.  Then I modeled how to write 12 on the line, draw 12 apples, and draw my daughter so that she was 12 apples tall.  My students were all engaged in this activity.  My students are still learning their numerals, so I labeled the apples to help them write the number in their book.
Here are some ideas for die cuts for the rest of the year:
October: pumpkins
November:  turkeys
December: gingerbread men
January: snowflakes/snowmen
February: hearts
March: shamrocks
April: eggs/bunnies
May: flowers



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