Saturday, August 27, 2011

Three For Thursday

Favorite Font
Pam-hmmmmm, there are sooo many!  I guess I love Rebeka's Birthday from Kevin and Amanda.
Jess-Rebeka's birthday

Favorite Blog
Pam- I think I am most inspired by Mrs. Jump's Class.  I first started blog stalking after finding her blog.  Then I decided I couldn't live without purchasing every item she sells on TPT!  I haven't bought everything yet, but I am getting closer!

Jess- Krazy for Kindergarten because she has great ideas and downloads.  I'm just sad she's moving to third grade!

Favorite Online Resource
Pam- I love Making Learning Fun.  I get literacy, math, developmental center ideas-just about everything from there.  My newest obsession is our Pinterest boards.  It is addicting.
Jess- Reading A to Z to get levelized books for my kinders.

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