Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Anchor Charts

Well, the little one slept over her BFF and stayed most of the day to play, so I had fun drawing and coloring!  I started making some charts for the fall.

This is the predictable chart I will use the first week of school, so we can learn each other's names.

This is my favorite so far!  We'll use this predictable chart after our apple taste test.

Here's another predictable chart I will use probably the third week of school.  I couldn't do my sample sentence because I don't know what color shoes I will be wearing that day!

For our Community Helper Unit, I made two charts.  The first will be used to brainstorm a list of community helpers.  The second is for our predictable chart which will follow the pattern "A teacher helps us to learn."

Here is a tree map for our Bats unit. We'll fill this out together and then the students will give a sentence for our predictable chart. 

Once the predictable charts are finished (often taking two or three sheets of paper taped together), I add a border around the edge to unify the whole thing.  Once I have collected enough charts (one per child) and we are ready to retire them, I let students choose one to take home.  They love this!

Hopefully, I'll be back with more soon!



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